Sprucing up the Exterior of a Property

Posted On 12 Jul, 2018

As soon as you decide you want to put your home on the market, the exterior of the property is just the same as the interior. One mistake many homeowners make is focusing on the inside of the home, but first impressions start from the outside. Having well-maintained front and backyard will help you land a quick sale.

Here are some tips that can increase the value of your home without breaking the back!

1. Clean out your front garden, keeping the outside simple and clean is the way to go. This way potential buyers can envision how they would want their front and backyard to look like.

2. Colourful front yard flowers like perennials are easy to maintain and look gorgeous against the bright green grass.

3. Maintaining both flowers/grass with fertilizer will promote growth, keeping everything well nourished. Start by stripping all your weeds to get a cleaner look.

4. Have an eye-catching front door, depending on the colour of your exterior bright colours such as red and yellow make your home stand out. The front door usually tends to be the focal point of the house.

5. Dress up your front/back porch, add a few potted plants and an outdoor bench.

6. Having good looking gutters with a fresh coat of paint.

7. Replacing or putting a fresh coat of paint on the garage door.

8. Upgrade your mailbox.

9. Make sure your outdoor lights work properly, having an illuminated path will keep the landscape looking gorgeous. You can also add in some porch lights.

10. Painting your electric boxes them the same colour as your house makes them less noticeable. Having them camouflage or hiding bigger appliances such as an AC unit with a fence or plants, can improve the appeal.