The role of the media

Posted On 17 Jul, 2018

Media has already generalized and affected the way people think of buying, but it’s important to be informed. Owners who are looking to sell their detached homes just have to be patient. I’m not going to lie… it is going to be harder to sell your home. There are sellers that really need to sell with a variety of reasons like upsizing, relocating and those who are financially constrained. SELLERS you need to provide incentives to buyers and make them want to buy your home instead of another! It can range from how the home is presented to the price depending on the area. Just like how there are going to buyers who are anxious about buying there are those who have been patiently waiting to buy. Specifically, the GTA market is PERFECT for those who are selling their condo and looking to upsize into a house. Now is the opportunity to sell high and buy low. Whether your young, looking for a condo for your parents to move into the market depends on YOUR interests and needs.